A terrifying and exotic breed from Nyan universe, which has 10,000 unique Keronyans, is invading planet earth.
We need to join forces and prepare for the battle!

The Keronyan army has 250+ attributes that were created by hand and algorithmically combined on the Polygon blockchain by Thanonyan, the evil mind behind this.

The only way to save humans is to spread the enemy force catching them in our crypto wallets.
It’s your opportunity to be a hero!
Let the hunt begin!




📍 DATE 8th of March (GTM-5) 💰 PRICE 0.035 ETH 🟩 STATUS Live


📍DATE From March 1 to 7 (GTM-5) 💰 PRICE 0.033 ETH
✅ REVEAL At the time of minting  🟥 STATUS


This list of chill music is created exclusively for you and is perfect for studying, relax, draw, paint, work from home, read comics, do your homework, prepare exams, have a break, play games, cook, sleep or chill out with your friends.


These are some of the tools we are using to list our project so people can get to know it.


First Generation! Keronyan NFT

From planet Nyan of the metaverse, Thanonyan sets in motion the plan to invade planet earth and destroy humans.


Army contracts and social networks are created to interfere with human communication.


Keronyan's 'Hello human' home page is published with the invasion notice, frequently asked questions and a second 'Mint' page to capture the Keronyan.


The Keronyans invade YouTube to create their own channel and attack influencers.


The money is sent to Thanonyan to pay off the loan that Mamanyan gave him.


20 encapsulated Keronyan are released to KERO holders randomly (tokens withheld from sale).


Exclusive planners and stickers (printables and for iPad) for the Keronyan community.


A percentage of sales will go to a charity (4%). The Community will vote on the final charity that will receive these funds.


Keronyan merch store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, caps, and other goodies.


Creation of educational and languages learning mobile apps with Keronyan as their brand image.

Coming soon!
Second Generation!​

In analysis and development


Any questions?
Feel free to look below or message us on Discord!

NFT means non-fungible token, and non-fungible means that this token is unique and can’t be replaced. Let’s take Eethereum, for example. Ethereum is fungible since you can trade your Ethereum for another Ethereum. You will end up with Ethereum in both cases. 

Non-fungible tokens are unique assets stored on the blockchain. There are many forms of NFTs including artwork, photography, video, and more. All NFTs are one-of-a-kind and cannot be officially replicated.

It is a collection of 10,000 Keronyan algorithmically generated stored on the Polygon blockchain.

The release date is March 1th.

The Keronyan consists in 250+ elements that have been created by hand and algorithmically selected using custom code by Thanonyan, the creator of this terrifying breed.

The minting price for each Keronyan is 0.033 ETH (Web) and 0.035 ETH (Opensea).

To buy an NFT you will need a wallet such as Metamask. You’ll also need to buy MATIC to have in your wallet. You will then transfer your MATIC from the exchange to your wallet using your wallet address.

You can buy MATIC for the Polygon Network on Binance or Coinbase.

We are a team made up of 2 geek brains who have always had an interesting dynamic in common, like Batman and Catwoman, passionate about the fantastic world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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